Center of Folk Crafts Kupchegen

At the 672th kilometer of the Chuisky tract is Kupchegen - a village of craftsmen who have preserved the traditions of Altai crafts and production technology. The inhabitants themselves consider themselves to be direct descendants of the Scythians. Their art is based on the Pazyryk (Scythian-Siberian animal) style. Unique craftsmen make unique things - saddlery, leather embossing, embossing and jewelry, felt felting, bone carving, artistic forging, pottery... Here you can also see the Golden Saddle of Altai - the fruit of the joint work of American and Kupchegen craftsmen, over the production of which 12 craftsmen worked on wood, bone, stone, leather, metal and felt. The cost of exclusive saddles can go up to 400,000 rubles.
Master classes are held at the Crafts Center.

6 km from Kupchegen there is the Kur-Kuchu tract, where a large number of ancient burial mounds, stone warriors, rock paintings and menhirs have been preserved.
Ilgumensky Threshold
The Ilgumen Rapid is one of the most interesting rapids on the Katun River and one of the few on the Srednaya Katun section that is accessible for observation.

It is located 7 km from the village of Kupchegen and has the 4th category of difficulty. Shafts in the period of high water can reach 3-4 meters! Rafting is allowed for tourists over 18 years old and the competitions "Cup of Russia in rafting" and a super marathon are held here. Its length is about 300 m. You can relax on a large sandy beach, behind which, on the left bank, the Bolshoi Ilgumen River flows into the Katun.

An ideal place for an active pastime!
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