In the Katun and Argut rivers and in their tributary there are taimen, grayling, lenok (uskuch). The fishing can be made from the shore within 100 meters from the campground. We are offering tackle for renting as well as the huntsman services which increases the chances for catch of fish. We are also organizing a transport to the more promising places for fishing.

The main and the most favourite fish in this area is grayling, which has very tasty and low-calorie meat.
Average length is 20 to 25 centimetres, however during the autumn season one can catch grayling up to half a meter in length and 2 and half kilograms in weight. For fishing we are using the tackle, which is called “ spletnia”. The technic is that two shipped floats are attached to the fishing line on the distance of one and a half / two meters from each other. Between them are leashes with flies of different colors.
It is not easy to catch Taimen or Lenka. Usually they are caught on the heavy spoon-baits of copper and nickel colors around 22 to 28 grams in weight, fidget spinners Blue Fox Vibrax number 6 and Blue Fox Salmon Super Vibrax and big voblers. In Altai taimen and lenok are listed in the Red Book. That’s why the fishing is based on the principle CAUGHT-LET GO!

We are also organizing rafting on the Katun plus fishing for about 8 to 10 hours with the food and transfer provided. (20 kilometres one side).
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Experience the rapids and the power of the Katun and enjoy the beauty of the Altai Mountains! The thrill and vivid impressions are guaranteed!
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