Hike to the mouth of the river Argut.


The “Tungursky trail” was firstly used as a way for moving cattle from Mongolia to Russia in the 1920s. After the end of the Second World War the construction of the road Tungur-Inegen started. Based on some sources the main workforce for building the road were German war prisoners. However other sources claim that, more likely, Russian prisoners were in charge of this cunctation. Working in hard conditions such as 60-degree slope and cutting through the so-called “digging road”, workers tried their best in finishing this project.
However, the road that should connect the Chuysky tract and the Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Republic was never built. The State Commission did not approve this project, stating that the road is too dangerous for traffic. As a result engineers and designers were sent to court and some of them were even shot afterwards. You can even find this road in some old Soviet Union automobile atlases but the road was never finished.
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