Horse rides

We are offering horse rides.
Depending on the level of training the routes could differ by relief: walks on flat terrain (on the territory of the farm along the Katun), along the rough or heavily-crossed terrain (taiga mountains, climbing mountains or hills).
One hour of horse ride cost 800 rubels. Services of an accompanying horse-breeder are included. For 3-5 days one horse-breeder.
Instruction on safety precautions is mandatory.
The instructor may not allow to sit on a horse or interrupt the horse ride in case of violation of safety requirements in handling animals…
There are several options for horse rides, starting from 1 hour:
Excursion on the territory of the Inegen farm
Duration – 1 hour.

The length of the route is 6-8 km. On the banks of the Katun River 3 km and on the territory of 3 km.

We will visit the sandy beach, drive past the garden, see the national Altai dwelling – Ail, visit the stone sculptures of Keser Tash near the Kurgan complex (drevneturk period).
The sacred spring of Arzhan Suu at the Lower Inegen river
Duration – 2 hours.

The length of the route is 12 km.
One stop – 20 min.

On the banks of the Katun River, 3 km, along the banks of the Lower Inegen River, 2 km. Ascent on the terrace is 350 m.

We will visit the place of Kara Tash on the river Katun, a farm (the former state farm Inegen), the sacred spring of Arzhan Suu, a viewing platform, which overlooks the valley of Inegen.
The mouth of the Argut River
Duration – 6 hours.

The length of the route is 30 km. Along the valley of the Katun River.

We will visit the spring of Arzhan Suu, Kara Tash, 3 survey points, a monument of human labour – a trail for the cattle haul up to Tungur also the mouth of the Argut River.
One stop for 1 hour (lunch by the fire)
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