Geyser Lake, Red Gate

and Altai Mars

Geyser Lake
Duration is 10 hours with a stop for a picnic. Distance is 140 kilometres one way
(near the village of Aktash) is 2 metres deep and about 30 metres wide.

On it surface one can see patens that are shaped in the oval form, which are the reflections of the bottom processes. The geyser throws a mixture of blue silt and sand onto its surface that gives this lake its own, unique colour. This is an underwater geyser – a stream of water does not rise up into the air. This lake does not freeze even in winter! Geyser Lake is a rare beauty place where geyser draws incredible patterns on the surface!
Altai Mars – Kyzyl-Chin
can be translated as “Red Gorge”. The colour pallet of this place is incredible; red-brown layers alternating with colored horizontal stripes from violet to bright orange and white. The landscapes of Kyzyl-Chin are somehow reminds of Martian – a red deserted area with canyons.

Here you can find crystals of smoky quartz and other minerals, as well as Scythian and Turkic mounds and cave drawings.
Mars -2 is second multi-colored mountain that is situated no further then 3 km from Mars -1

An unforgettable experience for adventure seekers and paradise for photographers!
Red Gate
is one of the natural monuments of Altai. Red Gate is a narrow, winding passage through the steep, red-colored cliffs. This natural monument got its colour because of the effusive rocks that contain cinnabar, which explains their colour. The height of the rocks is about 50 meters. The section of the road Aktash – Ulagan was built through some parts of the Red Gate. When laying the road, the narrow passage of the Red Gate was expanded.
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