The throat singing concert-Kai

By a prior request we can organize the artist or the musical bend performance. The location is ail, café or outside on the Katun riverbank.
During the performance you would be able to become acquainted with the traditions of the Altai, with have a long-lasting historical past as well as appreciate the variety of its style and traditional musical instruments.

The Altai folk musical instruments are topshur – plucked, Ikili – bow, shor – wind, komus – reed. Kai is a throat singing, a musical genre. The performer of the Kai in the Altai is called Kaichi. The Kaichi in there singing use those ligaments that are usually not used throughout the life of the human being.

Based on the content of the story the singer is using different sounds. For example if the hero is meeting the snake that the singer is whistling, if he met a bear then roaring.
The singer is able even to portray the sound of cavalry swords and whistles of the wind, the sounds of the forest, the rivers, the herd of horses …The sound of the double-stranded toshour, which is made of cedar with horsehair strings, sounds incredible!

From the historic times Kaichi (the singers-storytellers) by using the technic of the throat singing were considered as the conductors to the world of epic heroes -athletes and spirits of Altai. It is believed that during the performance a lot of mystery can happen. The flames of fire can suddenly raise high into the air or doors might open and close….
The duration of the performance might differ. Sometimes it lasts up to several days.

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