Event tourism: Kok-Boru

Kok-Boru – is a tough horse-sport competition, a symbiosis of racing and a game. It can remind of polo. The game requires considerable effort and skill from the athletes, its aim to get the carcass of the goat (or its dummy) and to throw it ( to score a goal) into the opponent’s kazan (large round copper cooking vessel) as much as possible. The weight of the goat sometimes reaches 35-40 kg.
Game time the same as in hockey – three periods with the duration of twenty minutes of clean time each with breaks between periods for 10 minutes. In case of violation of the rules, the player is dismissed from the game field for 2 minutes.
On the photo below the competition that was held on the 30 of September, 2017, is presented. It was held not far from our agro farm; near the village Kupchegen (the competition is usually organized 3-4 times a year) The commentator usually highlights the match the same way as the hockey commentators – emotionally screaming a goal, an out and a bar. The words of the judge about one of the competitions were great. They were about the situation when the riders could not take the goat for a long time and stamped about one kazan “The cockroach goes around the glass!”
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