Tour of the territory
and the semantics of the Altai dwelling

We offer our guests a fascinating excursion around the territory of the Agro-farm (64 hectares!), Including an excursion around the village - the national home of the Altai, the indigenous population of the Altai Republic, during which you will get acquainted with the material culture, traditional worldview, way of life, rituals, the family way of the Altaians, you will see hidden meaning in simple things, literally touch the Altai culture.

Then you will go to the kurgan complex and stone sculptures of warriors - Kezer-Tash. These monuments were described by the outstanding Russian archaeologist V.D.Kubarev and attributed to the ancient Turkic period (6-12 centuries AD). 300 m from the territory there is a wild sandy beach opposite - as they say - the energy mountain. Someone believes, someone does not - but in Altai there are many so-called Places of Power, where a person feels a surge of energy, changes his perception of the world around him ...

Also during this excursion you will get acquainted with the four-legged inhabitants of the agritourism complex. Horses, sheep, goats, maral, yak live on our farm.Choosing this excursion, you will get to know the original Altai culture, visit ancient archaeological sites, talk with animals, and also enjoy the unique views of the mountains and the Katun River.
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